Sales Account Representatives and Technology Managers

Universal EHR Solutions is a healthcare information technology company organized in May, 2005 and the home of Physician’s Solution®, a proprietary electronic medical records software system that has been helping doctors deliver superior patient care and operate more efficient and profitable medical practices since 2002. Universal EHR® enables patients and health care professionals to collect, digitize, review, store and distribute patient health care information and allows instantaneous access to medical records from any computer in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Based on the input of the UNIEHR® Advisory Board of Doctors, Physician’s Solution® was “Designed FOR Doctors BY Doctors”© as an advanced, intuitive EMR System that improves the care and service provided to the patients, the work flow of the office, the efficiency, productivity and profitability of the medical practice, the accuracy of the patients’ records, the quicker collection of higher insurance reimbursements and the overall quality of the doctors’ own lives. This small company is poised to capture a significant share of the nascent EMR market — where less than 10% of the 800,000 US doctors have already purchased systems — as the Federal Government’s investment of over $40 billion in Stimulus Package Funds into this business space rapidly accelerates its growth over the next few years.

Sales Account Representatives: UNIEHR® is looking for experienced sales representatives to market its electronic medical records systems to physician groups, nursing homes, clinics and hospitals. Candidates must be motivated and committed, with an ability to work independently but still be accountable and have the confidence to close complex sales with the assistance of a flash demo or web-based sales support. Prior medical software sales is a plus, but not required. With the Federal ARRA Stimulus Package reimbursing doctors far more than the cost of a UNIEHR system, and 90% of the 800,000 US doctors needing to install an EMR System over the next few years, this is one of the hottest business spaces.

Technology Managers: UNIEHR® is hiring experienced professionals to work with its Chief Technology Officer in order to properly support the Company’s rapidly expanding sales force, implementation trainers and client base. Job Responsibilities will include:

• Customer liaison – determine customers’ functional product needs and customization requirements
• EHR system customization for individual clients
• Online research and tracking of medical, legislative and technical developments Technical writing
• Customer technical support (product-based required, hardware desirable)
The ideal candidates will have most, if not all, of the following skills/experiences:
• Software development and management
• Technical writing
• Ability to communicate efficiently but cordially with clients and vendors
• Online research
• Technical training
• Type A organization
• Passion for taking care of the customers
• Pride in doing one’s best all the time
• Ability to work independently while being accountable to supervision.

Telecommuting to Great Neck is acceptable.

UNIEHR® is hiring implementation trainers, sales and customer support representatives to be based in Nassau/Suffolk Counties, NYC, Upstate NY, Boston, Central/Northern New Jersey, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Central Florida, Southern Florida, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Francisco.