About the Company

Universal EHR Solutions was organized by physicians, social workers, health care policy planners, attorneys, and computer specialists, as a healthcare information technology company, providing state-of-the-art solutions for a safer, more efficient, consumer-driven healthcare system. Universal EHR Solutions through its Patient Direct®, Doctor Direct® and Physician’s Solution® products, provides physicians and consumers with a system to collect, digitize, store and distribute essential medical information, connecting physicians with their patients. For physicians, hospitals and other providers this means improving effectiveness through supplying well-designed electronic medical records systems, as well as including improving research techniques through more effective data collection. For the consumers, their doctors and emergency medical providers, it allows instantaneous and secure access to personal medical records in times of need, from anywhere in the world, at any time. Universal EHR Solutions also offers our members Healthline, a complete and easy to use health information on-line library, to help with their medical decisions. We believe our technology can transform healthcare in this country, improving both quality and efficiency, at an affordable price.

Universal EHR Solutions (formally known as Universal EMR Solutions LLC) is a privately held company with its headquarters in Great Neck, New York, and it national sales and marketing group based in Syracuse, New York and Boca Raton, Florida. Physician’s Solution® has been in continuous use at doctors’ offices since it was first deployed in 2002. Customers have been so pleased with the product and support service that Universal EHR Solutions still services all of the clients who have ever deployed Physician’s Solution®and has built a large client base exclusively by word of mouth referrals. Having perfected the Physician’s Solution® product after years of beta testing and input from an Advisory Board of physicians in various specialty types, Universal EHR Solutions is prepared to expand its client base beyond its core operations (New York and Palm Beach County, Florida) to the major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. Universal EHR is committed to providing superior service and support for its product, which can be purchased, installed, implemented and maintained for a lower total cost than the amounts being made available by the federal government as reimbursement to a physician who puts an EHR System to meaningful use.