2011 CCHIT Certification


Physician’s Solution® Earns CCHIT® 2011 Certification and Passes Test for Preliminary ARRA Certification

Great Neck, NY – July 1, 2010 –Universal EMR Solutions LLC (UniEMR), a Long Island-based healthcare information technology company, is pleased to announce that its premier product, Physician’s Solution® 5.0, is now a CCHIT Certified® 2011 Ambulatory EHR, having passed CCHIT’s rigorous inspection of the product’s integrated functionality, interoperability and security. The CCHIT inspection process is based on real-life medical scenarios designed to test products rigorously against the complex needs of health care providers. As part of the process, successful use is verified at live sites.

Physician’s Solution® – a product Designed FOR Doctors BY Doctors® – has been in continuous use by medical practices since 2002 and Version 3.0 has been certified by CCHIT since April, 2007. “We were proud to have been certified under the original rigorous criteria established by CCHIT in 2006,” said Aaron Wachspress, UniEMR Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “We believe being only the 13th company with an EMR product to be fully certified under the CCHIT 2011 criteria is a validation of Universal EMR’s hard work to insure that that our EMR software remains ahead of the best practices technology curve. Physician’s Solution® is an intuitive, browser-based, easy-to-use EMR system that eliminates the highest real cost of implementation, the downtime during training and implementation that we at UniEMR successfully help our clients avoid.”

According to Mitchell C. Shapiro, Universal EMR’s President and Chairman, “As one of only 13 companies to have a product fully certified under the 2011 CCHIT certification criteria to date, our technology team has reached yet another milestone, keeping UniEMR at the head of the pack in the burgeoning field of healthcare IT. We believe this CCHIT 2011 certification further demonstrates UniEMR’s commitment to meet or exceed all industry standards — enabling us to continue to anticipate and quickly react to the needs of all our clients — by reinvesting at least 25% (with a target goal of 36%) of company revenues into expanding R&D and customer support. UniEMR will continue its unparalleled level of customer satisfaction and strive to maintain its record of 100% client retention.”

UniEMR’s Physician’s Solution® Version 5.0® was also inspected by CCHIT and is certified EHR technology, IFR Stage 1, preliminarily meeting 22 of 24 requirements for Eligible Providers published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in the Interim Final Rule. Inspection information is available at This program is designed to demonstrate that a developer’s technology is prepared to be certified once ONC-accredited testing and certification becomes available, a prerequisite to ARRA reimbursements. For the purpose of qualifying products for ARRA incentives, CCHIT anticipates, but has not yet received, accreditation by HHS.

ARRA refers to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, commonly referred to as the Stimulus Act, which earmarked over $40 billion to increase the use of Electronic Health Records by physicians and hospitals. According to Shapiro, “We at UniEMR are confident that CCHIT will be among the companies to be accredited by HHS, and that UNIEHR’s EMR/EHR products will be among the first to be recertified by CCHIT under the final criteria and standards supporting meaningful use. That is one reason that we decided to invest the time and money on preliminary ARRA testing by CCHIT.”

Shapiro added, “We at UniEMR are proud to be only the 18th company with an eligible provider EMR product certified by CCHIT under the Preliminary ARRA IFR Stage 1 criteria and standards. Clients can bank on the unprecedented UniEMR guarantee that our products will qualify them for their maximum available ARRA reimbursements. ” According to Wachspress, “Passing this preliminary ARRA test makes us even more comfortable with UniEMR’s ARRA-reimbursement guarantee.”

Shapiro explained that, “Dating back months before the preliminary ARRA test, UniEMR guaranteed that if a client has its ARRA reimbursement reduced or denied because Physician’s Solution® was not timely recertified or did not meet the criteria, UniEMR will refund all licensing and maintenance fees previously paid to it and would convert any practice/patient data to a replacement vendor’s system at no charge to the client. The UniEMR guarantee provides real accountability on which any physicians can safely base their practice. UniEMR has procedures in place to help its clients receive the maximum ARRA incentive reimbursements (up to $65,000 per physician and $2 million per hospital) for which they qualify.”

About Universal EMR Solutions

Universal EMR Solutions LLC is a healthcare information technology company organized in May 2005 to provide information technology solutions for a safer, more efficient, consumer-driven healthcare system. Universal EMR is the home of CCHIT Certified® 2011 Physician’s Solution® 5.0 as well as other proprietary related products, and also offers turnkey or a la carte EHR solutions for member associations, hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other health care providers.

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