Vision & Mission

Universal EHR ® has already established working interfaces with ten (10) major laboratories that provide lab results electronically to Universal EHR ® clients as well as with approximately twenty five different third party practice management software bundles that were previously in use at our customers’ office locations. Universal EHR ® is confident that its software system can effectively and efficiently interface with virtually any practice management or other IT systems already installed at potential clients’ offices, and with any EHR, EMR or PHR system protocols that the federal or state governments may mandate as part of the development of the universal national EHR system.

Physician’s Solution® has been rigorously tested in various types of medical offices and is currently utilized for hundreds of thousands of patients.Universal EHR ® believes one of its key competitive advantages is that it has developed its products from the “bottom up” focusing its initial attention on physician’s offices before turning its attention to the hospital and nursing home market and ultimately to the huge consumer market. Another advantage is that many competing companies do not or can not allow clients to interface their system with other companies’ systems. Universal EHR® has designed its products to interface with all existing systems while maintaining the flexibility to adapt the products based on the individual office needs. For example, a client can license “Physician’s Solution Lite” (a basic product that can be deployed in any physician’s office to handle basic functions), “Physician’s Solution Specialty” (a product that has been modified to incorporate the standard templates and modules for that particular physician’s specialty) or “Physician’s Solution Custom” (a product that is fully customized for that particular physician’s practice).

Physician’s Solution® has been chosen as the EHR of choice by the Florida Chapter of the American College of Cardiology, Castle Connolly, publisher of “Top Doctors” and “Top Hospitals” and by Telemedik, the operator of medical clinics throughout Puerto Rico. Physician’s Solution® has been successfully deployed and utilized for years in numerous physician practice groups, including faculty practices located at three major NY area hospitals. Most physician’s, hospitals and consumer groups have been wary of entrusting their health records to any EHR or EMR System, with only 20% of all physicians in the nation having installed any form of EHR System to date. Universal EHR® believes that its CCHIT certified, proven technology and products can help transform healthcare in this country, improving quality and efficiency, and that Universal EHR ® will capture a large share of this nascent fast developing market.