What We Believe

In response to the nation’s need to improve healthcare delivery, and consistent with the Federal government’s mandate that healthcare providers find ways to link together and electronically share essential health care records to maximize the efficiency of health care, Universal EHR Solutions has developed, perfected and deployed its products to enable physicians to automate their practices utilizing electronic medical records instead of paper, to electronically interface and transmit patient data between other health care providers, offices and laboratories. In response to the growing demand by consumers to participate more fully in personal healthcare decisions, Universal EHR Solutions has committed itself to help develop a patient centric healthcare system, where an individual’s health records are easily transferred to health providers in an accessible and secure way. We believe that consumers must have a greater opportunity to understand and manage their personal health information. To achieve this, our Company provides to physicians, hospitals and other providers, the tools needed to increase their effectiveness in delivering healthcare to their patients, including well-designed electronic medical record systems that maximize doctor-patient communication,decrease the costs of recordkeeping and transcription,while increasing the physician’s own productivity.

For physicians, Universal EHR Solutions has developed a product that helps doctors deliver superior patient care and run a more efficient and profitable medical practice while spending less of their valuable time on notes, charts and orders. Physician’s Solution® was Designed By Doctors For Doctors© as an intuitive program that thinks and works the way that physicians do. Unlike most competitors, Universal EHR Solutions will customize a HIPAA-compliant, CCHIT-certified EHR System to match a medical practice’s existing charts and interfaces with virtually any Practice Management/Billing programs, laboratories & referring physicians. Universal EHR Solutions is committed to providing physicians with an EHR system that will qualify them receive HITECH Stimulus Package incentives of $44,000-$65,000 (or more, per physician) that will far exceed the entire cost of purchasing, installing, deploying and maintaining a Physician’s Solution® EHR System from Universal EHR Solutions. The EHR Software is called Physician’s Solution® because it allows doctors to increase the efficiency of the care and service provided to patients and referring physicians, while reducing the amount of time spent on notes, charts and orders, reducing the medical practice’s overall costs and increasing insurance reimbursement revenues, collections and profits. With a Universal EHR system, patient charts, notes, labs and images can be accessed, edited, updated or input from the comfort of the physician’s home or anywhere else through any computer, including a wireless laptop, tablet PC, Blackberry or smartphone. Universal EHR Solutions provides superior customer service with a proven track record; Physician’s Solution® has been in continuous use at physicians’ offices since it was first deployed in 2002 and has never lost a client.

For consumers we have identified lack of access to personal medical information and advance directives as a significant barrier to 1) allowing healthcare professionals to render optimal healthcare and 2) honoring health care choices at life’s end. This is especially important in this age of mobility, where families and seniors are frequently away from their homes and physicians, and the increased need to access their vital information for both emergency and routine situations. With our technological expertise, we provide consumers with greater control over their medical records. We utilize the most sophisticated and secure Internet technology to allow individuals and their healthcare providers to safely access personal medical information twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world.

The disasters of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina suggest that a method of easily accessing updated medical histories remain unaddressed. The Terry Schiavo case brought to center stage the concerns of end-of-life issues. Having clearly written and easily accessed advance health care directives has become more important than ever. Universal EHR Solutions established its Patient Direct product to to solve these essential problems. Utilizing proprietary software, we have created a user friendly electronic repository for medical information, accessible only to authorized individuals over a secure website, anywhere, anytime. Immediate access to medical information and advanced directives is essential: A study indicated that in 95% of cases, advanced directives could not be honored because people stored their directives in locations such as law offices or banks, where they are inaccessible evenings, weekends, or holidays. (Life’s End Institute, 2005) We believe that Universal EHR Solutions, and its integrated family of products, will help individual patients, physicians and health care providers to receive the quick and efficient access to health and medical records necessary to streamline and maximize the quality of healthcare that the patients demand and deserve.