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Doctor Direct

Doctor Direct saves Doctor Time, Staff Time, and Phone Time

Universal EHR Solutions, HIPAA compliant Doctor Direct, offers you a secure method to transmit clinical and laboratory results to your patients.

No Telephone Tag

Powered by Universal EHR Solutions, secure medical information vaults are provided to your patients, allowing you to communicate electronically in a convenient, time-effective way. Doctor Direct enables you to send clinical and laboratory results to your patients, anytime, from anywhere, without the need for multiple phone calls.

Why Doctor Direct Works

It is not always easy for a busy medical practitioner to respond to patients when they call, nor are patients always available when you or your staff try to reach them. With Doctor Direct, you communicate on your own schedule, and your patients receive your information on their schedule. Once your information is placed in your patients vault, it is available, only to them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And Doctor Direct notifies you electronically when your patient has received the information.

Case Scenario

Case one: Your office receives Mrs. A’s blood chemistry results. Mrs. A has already called numerous times to receive the results, but you have not been available. At the first opportunity, you return the patient’s call, but the patient cannot be reached.

Case two: Mr. G, a corporate executive, is anxious about the results of his thyroid studies and has been waiting to hear from you before he leaves on a business trip. By the time you are able to return his call, Mr. G has left.

With Doctor Direct…

Whether around the corner or around the globe, your patients no longer need to call your office. Instead, at their convenience, they may access their own private “Doctor Direct” personal information vault and view their tests and your follow-up instructions.

What The Doctor Says…

“Our practice sees over four hundred patients a week. We order and review tens of thousands of bloods and imaging studies a year. Thanks to Doctor Direct, patients receive near instant notification of lab results, saving my office the expense of making tens of thousands of calls to patients each year.”

Michael L. Nimaroff, M.D., F.A.C.O.G
Great Neck OB/GYN, Great Neck, NY
Chief of Gynecology, North Shore University Hospital, Manhasset, NY

Introducing the Patient to Doctor Direct

Dear Great Neck OB/GYN Patient

We are pleased to announce “Doctor Direct”, our new private and secure Internet based program that allows your physician to communicate directly with you. We believe that this will improve our ability to better care for you.

Doctor Direct was designed by MedRecords Alert LLC, one of the most prestigious medical record programs in the world. It allows our physicians to communicate with you at any time, from anywhere in the world. It will allow you to receive your test results, e.g. blood work, mammograms, sonograms, etc. at your convenience, by having them stored in your own private and secure online vault accessible over the Internet.

Without the need for endless phone calls, you will now be able to obtain your results with your doctor’s written comments, minutes after your doctor has reviewed them, or when it is convenient for you to review them.

Great Neck OB/GYN has contracted with Universal EHR Solutions to provide “Doctor Direct” to you free of charge. To participate in this service please write your name, date of birth and email address in the space provided below. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions shortly. Please allow us several